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Verdict on today’s mixed mode experiment

It took me 55 minutes to travel in, the ride down to the bus stop to catch the 98 on Bury New Road didn’t really save me any time and next week I might carry the bike 2 minutes to … Continue reading

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Blogging en-route

I left the office at 4:20 and travelled the 3.8k to the bus stop on Great Clowes St. The whole journey in took 55 mins and I hope to be as quick going home.  Had I not missed a bus … Continue reading

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I’ve migrated from Windows Live to WordPress which was fairly painless. I’ve lost the photographs from my 40 odd galleries and hyperlinks cross referencing to earlier entries but other than that I’m happy.  I’ve been blogging for over 5 years … Continue reading

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Folding folding folding

A folding bike arrived today.  It has no name, it has no gender.  It has no personality or soul.  It is merely a machine I still got excited about it though, as Catriona texted to alert me as to its arrival this afternoon.  I … Continue reading

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Routes home

I have a number of different routes home from work that I can take and the one I chose depends largely on my frame of mind and the weather though these two factors are quite closely linked.  Now that our fine summer … Continue reading

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Winter 2010/11 illumination strategy

After a week without cycling into the office for a 7:30 start it was noticeably darker this morning than on the last commute.  As usual I wasn’t as prepared for the working day as I should be but and quickly attached … Continue reading

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The road ahead

I’m still not mad and angry about the theft, just a little sad.   This evening I set the wheels in motion for a claim.  I only switched home insurance prior to the last renew in July and guessed the on-line password to … Continue reading

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