Folding folding folding

A folding bike arrived today.  It has no name, it has no gender.  It has no personality or soul.  It is merely a machine

I still got excited about it though, as Catriona texted to alert me as to its arrival this afternoon.  I was thinking of buying a folding bike before the other bike (who will remain nameless) was taken from me and I have put in a claim on the home and contents insurance that should more than cover the cost of this folder.

So what did I buy?  I looked briefly for a 2nd hand Brompton but found that there aren’t many about and their price doesn’t drop too quickly from the £800 RRP for entry models.  Dahon was the next option, starting at £400 new but again there were no second hand ones.  Budget folding bikes are a bit of a minefield but I kept reminding myself that this will be bike no 3 in the fleet and would only be used occassionally so keep it cheap and if it is used heavily then look to buy a quality machine through the bike scheme.

I found a Raleigh Boardwalk which is built from a Dahon design.  It has 6 gears, can be assembled in 20 seconds and folds into a carrying bag.  £250 with free delivery seemed reasonable and I’ve enjoyed playing with it this evening.  It takes about 2 minutes for me to fold it and zip it up (simulating my T1 at the bus stop on Bury New Road)  It’s still fairly hefty and at 13kg not particularly light, but I should be able to lift it into the parcel holding area.  Might have a go on it tomorrow; taking the bus into Manchester and then riding out to the Quays. 

Raleigh Boardwalk in carrying bag

Raleigh Boardwalk ready to be assembled

Ready to roll!


About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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