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It’s been a really busy year and 2011 is probably going to be even busier. Physically, 2010 has been the most satisfying of my life; breaking and smashing all sorts of targets I have set myself.  At the age of 39 … Continue reading

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I have recently taken on the role of Corporate Social Responsbility Champion for my office, and in amongst all the great great stuff we’ll be doing to make Salford that little bit nicer than it already is, I have been working … Continue reading

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‘Sno(w) problem for me and Mr Boots

I’ve cycled to work and back the last couple of days despite recent snow fall but definately won’t be riding tomorrow. When we had the snow and ice at the start of the year I turned to public transport in my … Continue reading

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It’s the lad’s 4th birthday party today and I’ve been tasked with purchasing pop for the party early in the morning (along with getting our hair cut and ordering some guniea pigs).  I won’t be buying 64 litres of it though, and … Continue reading

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All I want for Christmas is a Brompton M3L

A couple of years I had my longtime held Yuletide desire for a Dukla Prage away kit satisfied but asking Santa for a Brompton is probably pushing it a bit. With the smattering of snow we’ve had for the past few days I’ve … Continue reading

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A kind of magic

Well Movember has passed and the ‘tache has gone never to return.  It served its purpose raising over £100 as well as a few laughs along the way.  Everyone was impressed with my Freddie Mercury pose and I also threw … Continue reading

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