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Critical commute

The last friday of the month is critical commute day.  An event inspired by Manchester Friends of the Earth’s Love Your Bike campaign together with support from the Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign.    Many cities around the world have a … Continue reading

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Vimto the drink of the gods

Me and Vimto go back along way:   I invented the Vimto milkshake in the late 1970s, it’s true, just ask my Sister.  I’ve Googled it tonight and although I can find some other references to it no one would have thought to … Continue reading

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I’ve given in and joined Facebook, just knowing that it’s going to eat into what time I should be doing other stuff like cleaning bathrooms, opening post and maybe even filing it away.   An old friend from school/cubs who now … Continue reading

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A soaking and showers

I got proper wet today, the rain was that big lumpy stuff that almost hurts (well it does when you’re doing over 25 mph with no glasses on).  I’ve developed some stratergies for keeping as dry as possible although I’m … Continue reading

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In town without my car

I took Maria into Mancheser on the tram to try to find a coat (unsuccessful) and to see the In Town Without My Car event organised by Manchester and Salford City Councils.  The event is fairly low-key for a city campaigning … Continue reading

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Whilst I was at work yesterday the rest of the family broke down on the way home from Wobbly Bob’s children’s play centre – great place by the way with £2.50 getting you a cup of tea, juice AND toast as … Continue reading

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Clock watching

The trip computer stopped working on the way to work and I felt naked without it.  I know I’m a bit of a clock-watcher and (only ever so slightly) obsessed with time, distance, speed etc so without the comforting moving digits … Continue reading

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