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Has Alex got soul?

Alex is at a very impressionable age where he is taking up all sorts of words, phrases and lyrics, so we have to be quite careful what we say and what he listens to.  He has a good ear for … Continue reading

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Training Partners

I had a really good run with James this lunchtime.  There are loads of potential lunchtime routes out from our offices and around the Quays but today’s was the best I have done to date.  We ran by the ship … Continue reading

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Cleat related shinanigans

During my Wednesday lunch break I popped across to Halfords to look at SPDs pedals & shoes and I dropped lucky as they had some mountain bike SPDs that had been returned.  They were only asking £5 for the pair so I couldn’t … Continue reading

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North West Triathlon

I have had a brilliant day and I am so pleased with myself.  Although I worked much harder training for my London Marathon and Great North Run what is so satisfying is how focused and effective my training has been … Continue reading

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Countdown to the Triathlon

The big triathlon day approaches and even if I get disqualified for some minor indiscretion within a transition zone, training for the event has made it all worthwhile.  I now enjoy running regularly again and with the event out of … Continue reading

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Plotting a route for Dermot

Do you believe in fate?  I think I do, too many good things have happened in my life at just the right time the biggest example being our combined house move back up north, job relocation and Maria’s arrival.    … Continue reading

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Not in the mood again

I had hit a bit of a wall with my triathlon training but managed to push my way through it yesterday.  I had been putting off an early morning ride and run, which was strange as I had really enjoyed the … Continue reading

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