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January Critical Commute

On the last Friday of each month a group of cyclists ride en-masse into Manchester to promote cycling as a means of commuting.  Now the use of the words "en-masse" might not have been justified in past months, in fact in … Continue reading

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Salford Cycle Forum

This evening I attended Salford City council’s first cycle forum of the year.  They happen quarterly and a number of people from the council meet with local cyclists and representatives from cycling organisations.  The forum is open to anyone interested in … Continue reading

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Doctor Doctor

After spending much of the weekend arsing around with my rear bike wheel and turning it somewhat oval I gave in and handed it over to the professionals at Rusholme’s Bicycle Doctor.  Within a few hours I returned to pick … Continue reading

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Truely, madly, frustratingly

I’ve spent about 3 hours trying to straighten my bike’s back wheel and it’s worse now than when I started.  I’d lost a spoke a while ago and a few others were loose but over the last few weeks I’d noticed the wheel twitching … Continue reading

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Freecycle 2

A few months ago we successfully disposed of a drop leaf table and 4 chairs, 60 roof tiles and 35 paving slabs by using Freecycle.  We were amazed by the response, particularly for the paving slabs, so just recently we’ve … Continue reading

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