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As a result of our home improvements we’ve found a few things lying around surplus to requirements:  Firstly the installation of the velux windows required over 60 tiles to be removed.  The builders kindly didn’t dispose of them in case … Continue reading

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Cycling woes

Winter is definately on its way.  We’re close to the autumn equinox and the daily shortening of the hours between sunrise and sunset is at its most pronounced.  In addition to this the weather has suddenly turned from 20c & sunshine to dark, damp & cold.  … Continue reading

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Maria’s favourite words

As you may have read in the last blog entry my daughter is held in high regard for her ability to say ‘horse’, she doesn’t just say ‘horse’, so to prove it here are 10 of Maria’s favourite words: 1 Cake: This … Continue reading

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Maria who can say ‘horse’

Whilst shopping in Bury yesterday we bumped into one of Maria’s friends, Matthew, who was also being pushed around the market by his parents.  The mothers recognised each other, the fathers had never met and Maria & Matthew couldn’t be prompted … Continue reading

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A cider drinker? me?

What a bad, bad influence my wife is upon me!   Most people choose cider on their teenage journey into alcohol consumption.  I prided myself in the fact that I had avoided this obvious route by taking bitter (abeit with a … Continue reading

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Week 622 of loft conversion

Seems like it to me as nothing has happened in the last fortnight.    A plumber did turn up (for a whole day!) 2 weeks ago and plumbed in the radiator, towel rail and shower but the sink and shower screen … Continue reading

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Maria’s first sentence

Maria constructed her first understandable sentence this evening!   Her vocab has been increasing steadily over the last few months and we’ve heard her contruct unintelligable sentences using her vocab such as "wada wada Daddy" or "isista star".    There are sounds … Continue reading

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