Maria’s favourite words

As you may have read in the last blog entry my daughter is held in high regard for her ability to say ‘horse’, she doesn’t just say ‘horse’, so to prove it here are 10 of Maria’s favourite words:

1 Cake: This is the most important word in the whole world

2 Toast: Tonight she insisted that scones are classified as ‘toast’ and not ‘cake’ which I can only suppose is something to do with the application of butter and jam to them.

3 Elmer: Definitely her best word as it sounds so cute and I never tire of hearing it

4 Paddy: This is the name of her favourite cuddly pink polar bear and we started to regret giving him this name as it is so similar to Daddy. A few months ago it was unclear who she really wanted (usually it was I who was left disappointed)

5 Wonkey: Another favourite toy who is actually called Zeddy Zebra by Mamas & Papas.  However, he is brown rather than black and white which everyone knows is the zebra’s USP.  People do not risk their lives on dangerous safaris to see horse like animals that are stripey brown and beige.  He has limp legs and neck so I christened him Wonkey Donkey instead.

6  Star: She sees stars all over the place (and no we don’t believe in smacking!).  She said it yesterday whilst I was surfing the net and it took me a few minutes to find the Favourites icon on the IE toolbar.  A competitive dad would have increased the screen resolution to see if she could still spot it (I didn’t; but only because we were already at the max).    

7 Two: Maria recognises numbers and once counted out 1, 2, 3 when I pointed to the numbers in sequence, this achievement (as many others) has never ever been repeated.  However she likes the number 2 and looks out for it in Asda.  She can say 1 as well when prompted but much prefers 2.

8 Ba: Balamory or more to the point shorthand for “Fire up media player and start playing my Balamory DVD on the computer right this minute or else there will be trouble!”

9 Apple: Her best and clearest two syllable word.

10 Woof: Once Maria learns the sound an animal makes she much rather uses that than its name.  She hasn’t said cat for months (although it was more like ‘zat’ anyway) but she makes a high pitched meow noise.  Dogs are just woof but she barks loudly at any dogs she sees whilst out in the push-chair and can set a whole canine neighbourhood barking.  


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Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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