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Exchange Quay Travel Forum

One of the reasons I stepped forward for the CSR role last summer was to create a travel plan for our office.  Fortunately our landlords Exchange Quay Management are putting a lot of time and effort into a Quay wide travel … Continue reading

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‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello?

Today I phoned the emergency services for the first time in my life which is not bad going for somebody of my advancing years. Yesterday a friend passed comment on my recent exercise regime (streak = 90 days) and how I might … Continue reading

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Shopping for shoes with Liz

The week before last I went shopping for shoes in my lunch-hour with Liz.  This all sounds very girlie girlie but we ended up a few hundred metres away from the Trafford Centre in Tri Central.  They were having a … Continue reading

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I feel the need, the need for speed

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Yesterday I rode at the velodrome for the first time ever and had an absolute blast.  It was arranged by Nick our Churchwarden (and you thought Churchwardens were dull?) who also invited his brother-in-law Kieran as well as David, a … Continue reading

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Knock-out session

Twas a busy busy morning.  A bit of overtime tomorrow meant that I needed to do a bit extra today to keep my training against the plan.  I ran my morning constituational at a pace and then leapt onto the ride … Continue reading

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The parable of the aerobar

For those of you who don’t know, in cycling parlance aerobars aka tri-bars are added to your handlebars to assume a more aerodynamic position whilst riding, such as those shown below.  Nothing to do with chocolate (this time). “There was … Continue reading

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A big thank you to the Green Kawasaki Ninja that made me smile this evening despite a particularly shite day at the office.  We were side by side in the green box behind the Advanced Stop Line (I suspect some of you metal box dwellers have … Continue reading

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