Knock-out session

Twas a busy busy morning.  A bit of overtime tomorrow meant that I needed to do a bit extra today to keep my training against the plan.  I ran my morning constituational at a pace and then leapt onto the ride and was off like the wind.  Fired up by the Rocky soundtrack and Robert Tepper’s ‘No easy way out’, I was soon leaning on the bars and pumping my legs.  I caught my first fix of speed as I pushed for the lights at the bottom of Sheepfoot Lane and onto Middleton Road.  As I crossed the M60 I mingled amongst a convoy of 4 transit vans towing caravans.  As one drifted alongside me the passenger egged me on saying I was doing over 30mph so in return I gave it an extra blast, let my legs spin and pulled away before a goodbye thumbs up and a sharp left turn up Heywood Old Road.   It felt wicked and I couldn’t believe I could feel so alive at 6am. 

The next  blast came catching the lights at the Pilsworth M66 junction where I literally roared through the tunnel with an awesome primal scream whilst ‘Living in America’ was ringing in my ears.  I did a second more controlled lap of the circuit with the only other blast being an uphill race against a truck.  He caught me at the crest of the hill, that wouldn’t have happened on the first lap.  I finished the 38k session averaging over 30km/h which was very satisfying.

I quickly grabbed my rucksack and cycled off to work.  A taxi had the audacity to peep me as I filtered past and eased in safely and comfortably ahead of him as the traffic started moving off at the end of Fairfax road.  You don’t mess with someone who has just listened to 75 minutes of Rocky OST.  I growled and snarled at him and made sure he caught the eye of this particular tiger before beating him over 4k along Bury New Road to my turnoff point. 

Legs ached afterwards but the heart had never pumped so strong and John Cafferty’s words rang true “Heart’s on fire, strong desire, rages deep within

Just watching Rocky 2 now on ITV4 and forgotten how poor it is compared to the first, third and the fantastic though ridiculous Rocky IV.   That was definately me this morning: fantastic with a just a hint of the ridiculous.


About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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