Blogging en-route

I left the office at 4:20 and travelled the 3.8k to the bus stop on Great Clowes St. The whole journey in took 55 mins and I hope to be as quick going home.  Had I not missed a bus by 30 seconds this morning it would have been quicker.

Just been stung for a second single ticket, I asked for a return this morning but because I didn’t use the words “day saver” and mentioned a destination I must have confused the driver.  I thought £2.50 was suprisingly good value.
I think I’m on a 137 and as we have just crossed Bury New Rd heading up Leicester Rd I’m not entirely sure where we will go next.

It’s quite exciting!

Time to kick back and relax….


About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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