The road ahead

I’m still not mad and angry about the theft, just a little sad.
This evening I set the wheels in motion for a claim.  I only switched home insurance prior to the last renew in July and guessed the on-line password to access the details I had never accessed before.  I had noted that the renewal from Bradford & Bingley had the old Subway 8 listed.  Now there’s a thought: I could claim that bike back off Scott at the Angel centre if it’s been repaired (but I bet it’s as dead and in bits as the day I dropped it off).  I remember updating the listed bikes with my (then) fleet of 3 and bumped the value of Tracey from her purchase price to £450 to cover accessories.  Her value is/was complicated based on the following facts:
1 In the shop during June 2008 she was retailing for £350
2 I spent £100 on accessories and clothing
3 The £450 was spread equally over 12 payments, net of VAT and income tax, with a final one off payment of 5% of value in order to own her outright.
4 Some but not all of those accessories were also stolen
5 I can’t be bothered working out the total of the deductions from my pay-packet or the final payment but guess it was just under £300
6 The cost of a brand new Trek 7.3fx has actually increased to £450 
7 I couldn’t buy another bike through the scheme as I’ve already been through it twice (though rumour has it that using a different e-mail address by-passes this check – computers eh?)
Go figure!
I’m sure my insurers/underwriters cannot handle this either because when I phoned tonight their computer system was down (computers eh?) and basic details were being handwritten before being asigned to an underwriter who will ask further questions in the next 5 working days.  I couldn’t view my policy details on-line (computer said ‘no’ again) but suspect there is a £100 excess.
I’m glad I added on for accessories because to replace like for like: (with costs approx to £5)
£450 Trek 7.3Fx
£45 2 off Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres (about 4000 miles without a puncture)
£30 Front and rear mudguards (fitted)
£15 Kickstand (fitted)
£10 Cheap and nasty front and rear LED lights
£15 Halfords wireless trip computer (11954 miles on the clock which I still possess for posterity)
£25 Halford rear pannier frame (this was well battered, had been used on 4 different bikes and had bits missing from it)
£10 Aldi frame bag and multi-tool contained within (no notional value added for KFC lemony wipes)
£20 Halfords SPD / flat-backed pedals (a returned item not boxed and sold to me for £5 – can’t find them listed on-line so guessed at £20)
£10 Halfords std issue honky horn
£15 ‘Universal’ bracket for securing a child bike seat (assuming it fits, otherwise the cost of Römer Jockey ‘Relax’ seat with bracket would be £100)
So that’s £645 by my maths.
I would be angry if I had been rendered bike-less, I would be angry if was still paying for her, I would be angry if I didn’t know her best days of trouble free cycling were probably behind her after travelling over 4000 miles, I would be angry if she had just received the £30 service she was due, I would be angry if I wasn’t day-dreaming about buying a folding bike just the other day…..
There is no replacing Tracey with like for like:  Even if I upgraded a little and spent the sort of money I really should on my primary means of daily transport (surely you owe it to yourself to have carbon forks on a 2000+ mile a year companion Nigel?) I wouldn’t want anything I could compare with her.  No I already have Candy Cannondale to take up the running anyway (with her front sussies too).  I might treat her to a new pannier frame and some quality lights.  But no honky horn, no that’s all behind me, that was a Tracey thing.  If I end up with £350 net from the claim I’ll get a Dahon folder or (dream a dream) a 2nd hand Brompton for a whole new set of adventures and tales to tell. 
Every cloud and all that eh chaps?

About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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