I’m going to run the Great Manchester 10k Run backwards


April Fool’s Day would seem as good a day as any other to reveal to you my massive readership (have you put on a bit of weight recently?) that I’m going to be running the Great Manchester 10k backwards next month.

I’ve asked for permission off the organisers and everything. On signing up to the event there were all manner of limitations within the Terms and Conditions one of them being no wheelbarrows allowed. As finishers in the annual Studley wheelbarrow race (taking in about 4k and 8 pubs) we can vouch for the hazards of wheelbarrow racing. However, there was no mention of running backwards in the small print but I’m not daft (?!) a mass start among 30 – 40,000 people will not be straight-forward so I contacted the race organisers declaring my intentions and specifically seek their permission. In my favour I have been training hard and I’m well on my way to completing the full distance prior to the event, I could also tell them hand on heart that I have never fallen over yet. Having run the London Marathon and Great North Run I know what to expect at the start of such a big race but crucially I have a guide runner to at least help me through the first few busy kilometres.

It was Catriona’s idea for the family to take part in the event although initially I think she was just looking to enter the kids in the junior runs. She’d been jogging a couple of times this year but hadn’t run 10k since a Race for life event over 4 years ago. So I entered all 4 of us in our respective races: Alex is doing the under 8’s 2k mini run around Heaton Park and Maria is running 2 miles in the 9-15 years junior run. Catriona and I will run the main event at a similar pace: her Race For Life 10k was about 65 minutes and I think with a bit of speed training I can hit that figure too.

We’re running to raise month for Cancer Research UK and have set up the following Just Giving page if you’d like to sponsor us.




About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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