King of the Simister Mountains


Look at those legs! Glorious aren’t they?

Ignore the slightly comedic spotty socks and Aldi’s cheapest SPD MTB shoes and SWOON at those legs of STEEL!  Mud splattered, ever-so-slightly bramble scratched, pillars of pure POWER!

Those are the very limbs that this evening reclaimed a prestigious Strava King of the Mountains crown that was lost for less than 24 hours. To be honest I didn’t know I had a KOM and wouldn’t have been particularly arsed about losing it until a notification came through to my phone that my crown had been taken, nay STOLEN.

My first reaction was what? where? why? but sure enough, on a tired return from a first ever ride over the Pennines back in March I had passed through a mile long ‘segment’ between the M60 and Heaton Park’s perimeter.  I don’t know who defines these segments along which people can compete but I have no desire to define any and whoever defined the ‘Boundary Wall’ segment mustn’t have set a challenging target.  Nevertheless ‘Darren’ from Middleton (though probably equally oblivious at the time) snatched MY title from me.  I followed him on Strava and (grudgingly) gave him ‘Kudos’ and commented that I had noticed he had my crown. He followed me back and replied.

It was dry, the sun was shining this evening and to show I really meant business I put my shorts on for the homeward commute.  I was to be taken over 3km out of my way to take in the segment but I figured it was worth the extra effort.  A good run of lights got the legs spinning and well warmed up but I remembered to ease them as I climbed Leicester Road.  I attacked from the start of the segment with my legs spinning, sadly only one clipped in as my left leg would have fouled the pannier hanging on the frame at the back. I went through at least 2 big puddles not caring one jot for the spray, people I was in the ZONE.  I know this stretch well enough to know I find it a little uncomfortable (it’s a bit bumpy for a hybrid commuting hack) but I powered through, teeth gritted and eyes bulging.

I now have my title back.  You may bow down before me.  And for your information, the incline of this particular mountain on the outskirts of Simister that I was crowned king of was 1.5%

Oh Yeah!

Legs of steel!

Lungs of iron!

Eye of the tiger!


About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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