Cycling Hiberation

If you haven’t got anything good to say it’s best to keep quiet so this will be my last blog entry here for a while.  I’ve seriously fallen out of love with cycling and merely tolerate it at the moment.  This may be largely seasonal and due to an imbalance between cycling for pleasure and commuting which is largely stressful, often unpleasant and increasingly dangerous.

I’ve finally given up on cycle advocacy, it has worn me down over the last 7 years.  Most of the time it felt like flogging a dead horse and as there are other areas of my life I would like to focus on I think it’s better if I am not described (by myself or others) as a cycling enthusiast.

A number of things have brought this about but the straw that broke the camel’s back was yet another near miss tonight which means I can no longer recommend cycling to my local friends with any conviction.  I know of someone who has ended up with a damaged spine after encouraging him to cycle to Manchester from Prestwich so don’t want to feel responsible for anyone else’s discomfort.

Without boring you with a blow by blow account of tonights episode a taxi mini-bus drove across my path in Sedgely Park with no intention of stopping despite me approaching at speed with right of way along Bury New Road.  He was heading to the squash club so I gave chase knowing it was a dead end and basically swore repeatedly at the driver with increasing venom until he apologised for what he had just done.

I’ve given up any pretence of doing any Sustrans Volunteer Rangering ever again.  As I cycled along the (very useful) bit of NCN Route 6 through Middlewood Locks that 4 years on isn’t yet signed by the council I smirked at the ridiculously oversized end of cycle lane sign (at the end of 50m of cycle lane) which will probably be highlighted by fellow cyclists as a ‘facility of the month’ and then I laughed at the newly re-opened Great George’s St crossing of Chapel St which cost £110k of Salford City Council’s tiny cycling budget 3 years ago and has been dug up and lost many of the marking that were carefully painted on.    So no more talking shop cycle forum meetings where cycle enthusiasts disagree and defend their own on road vs off road agendas and no more Bike Fridays that don’t attract any new riders (sorry Rich).

I have another blog with a different focus.  This one will remain live because I do enjoy reading some older entries, it sometimes resolves household disputes about what happened when and it seems to provide a useful resource for the many people who Google the term ‘Vimto Milkshake’ (as well as ‘Prestwich knobhead’).



About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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6 Responses to Cycling Hiberation

  1. jp says:

    Ah mate, poor times. I have to say since being injured, I’ve not really cycled very much,&I do miss it.however, I don’t think that I’d still be as in love with it.I have replaced it though with almost daily exercise as I do miss the endorphin.

    Have a break from the commuting dude,hold for nice weather,a do some cycling for pleasure in the countryside.

  2. holmesinho says:

    I’m still going to be commuting on your steed dude, no fear. Just won’t be writing about it. I think all cyclists need to sound off to keep sane and you were like my regular cycling bitching partner so I miss you a lot in that respect. Without someone to moan at I’ve turned more to the t’interweb to get things off my chest.
    I’ve found a guy in the office who is interested in a full distance Tri in June so will work towards that through the spring and look forward to getting on the road bike. Not that there’s anything wrong with riding an aging Saracen Hybrid (other than its brakes which will get some attention after yesterday’s incident).
    I noticed your mile swim the other day which was great to see, might be doing a distance swim for Marie Curie at the end of April. I’ve ducked out of the Sage Purley-Paris bike ride as it will be tricky logistically and not worth the time and cost for what the distance covered.
    Hope your shoulder, knee and groin are all behaving themselves. Stay fit buddy and keep those endorphins flowing!

  3. Sorry to hear of your recent bad experience. I must admit I sometimes feel the same about the poor driving and terrible attitudes by some as well as the crap infrastructure we have to put up with. I’m not at stage you are though and am still trying to gently encourage others to cycle commute.

    When the weather improves if you fancy a nice spin on the road bikes – somewhere with empty roads and sweeping descents – let me know. I’m happy to cycle alone but would always welcome your company.

  4. holmesinho says:

    Thanks for that, I appreciate the offer. If Owd Betts did breakfasts then your road bike test route would be a great ride early on a dry spring morning. I’m so looking forward to daylight!

  5. The sad thing is, I can completely and totally understand your decision. Hopefully, a break from the bike scene will do you good.

    • holmesinho says:

      Thanks, having finally ridden to and from work in daylight for the first time this year I’m getting some enthusiasm back. A few quick commutes on the roadie should cheer me up further. Cycle safe, N

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