Sage talent official unofficial results

Apologies for another non-cycling blog, it might be time to re-brand my page.

Sage has an annual fundraising Sage day and as Corporate Social Responsibility Champion for our office it fell upon me to co-ordinate it.  Charidy seems to dominate our CSR activities at the moment although I’m trying to line up a couple of things to redress the balance in the next few weeks.  The fundraising stuff was not what drew me to the Champion role but hey ho it’s part of the deal.  I have form (or should that be previous?) for fundraising but fortunately none of my recent stunts have quite matched up the ridiculousness of a 3 legged hitch-hiking race across Warwickshire wearing women’s clothing.  Strangely enough the Alcester Drag Race was only ever a one off event.

A few colleagues had intended to do some Dragon Boat racing around Salford Quays but sadly the organiser pulled the event just after we had gathered together a crew.  I had 2 other fundraising ideas that I hoped would bring us all together and supplement the usual management car washing, raffles and cake sale events (all of which did really well this year).  My first idea was a Come Dine With Me safari lunch between the departments building on the success of the Sales department’s international cooking contest last year.  This would have been absolute chaos but fortunately one of our directors, Gary, stepped in offering a fine dining experience as an alternative.  He and our exec kindly sourced the ingredients for the most indulgent workday lunch I am ever to feast upon.

Eight of us who bidded for a place at the table arrived at the first floor meeting room to be greeted by my Dept Head in penguin suit pouring Champagne to accompany canapes of piri piri prawns in mascarpone and parmasean with wasabi toasts.  Gary then delighted us with a mushroom crostini starter before a double slow cooked lamb shank that had graced the ovens of both Newcastle and Salford – he’d certainly been a busy boy!  A divine chocolate and summer fruit sweet lead us on to a monster cheese board.  I was left with that post Christmas dinner satisfied feeling and a Bond movie would have sent me off to sleep quite nicely.  It was hard work climbing the stairs to return to my desk this afternoon.

The second idea was a talent contest which didn’t draw in the talent or interest that I had hoped but un-earthed some interesting performances.  In the end I didn’t put the talent to a vote as intended as there was too much else going on and it wouldn’t have generated any money but having posted them to a YouTube accounts I can reveal the most popular:

3rd place was my favourite: Mike’s fabulous rendition of the snooker theme with 114 views

2nd place with 121 views was Dan demonstrating his double jointedness although I have since found it is nothing compared to Lisa’s stomache turning finger bending.

1st place with 122 views goes to Simon the Dragon with his impressive fire eating performance behind car park 1.

There were others too which you can find by searching for sagetalent2011 as well as footage of last week’s epic Hot Dog eating contest.  Sadly there hasn’t been the interest to justify an off site talent evening which is a pity as 3 bands featuring Sage staff were lined up but hopefully we can enjoy them at a later date on a Friday night after year end when there’s a bit of money behind the bar to draw us all out.


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