I woke early and it looked like a lovely day for a roadbike commute.  I hadn’t ridden it since my ride to Liverpool in April so had to bring it down from the storage rack and pump the tyres back up to 110 PSI before I headed off.  No time for breakfast, but a bit of Lucozade Sport inside me and the prospect of quieter roads fired me up to put in a quick time.

I should have been a couple of minutes quicker though. First red light came at the end of Fairfax Road and then a second at Scholes Lane.  Moor lane let me through but then the silly lights at Northumberland Rd killed my downhill momentum.  These lights give far too much creedance to a side street I hardly ever see traffic emerge from in the morning.  I had to slow at the McDonalds junction with Gt Cheetham St but timed my approch to squeeze between waiting traffic and then beat them to the right hand turn into Camp st.  The light at the end of the one way section of Camp St usually catches me and this morning I had slowed and just de-cleated to put my foot down when it turned green.

I have trouble finding my pedals with my SPD road shoes as the underside of the shoe isn’t flat and the pedals so small that if I put my weight onto a pedal and misjudge the alignment of cleat to pedal it skids off throwing my leg out and sending me off balance.

The junction for Silk Street is usually generous, but not this morning.  I could see it was about to turn and if I had pushed hard for the previous 200 metres I might have caught it, but it was a good job I didn’t try because a car shot through amber/red lights from the opposite direction doing well over 40mph.  Chapel St, Liverpool St and Regent Road were all red (which is not unusual) so despite good intention and a fair bit of effort I was a couple of minutes outside my inward bound PB.  I was still at the car park in under 19 minutes and over 5 minutes faster than a typical hybrid ride in.  I might try again tomorrow.


About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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