Thanks for the wheels

I went out for a few scoops last night to say goodbye to JP who has moved on from Sage and will soon be heading down south to live in ‘Shandy-land’ as he calls it.

I’ll fondly remember our cycling adventures together; the chicken-fest at Nandos after riding the TPT to the Southport seaside and our climb up above the snowline to the Hartside cafe dragging 2 hardcore Geordie MTBers along at a proper pace.  During our C2C ride it was he who spotted that I had subtly navigated us back towards our Workington start point just a few miles into the ride and later I tried not to laugh at him going over his handlebars in slow motion at Cockermouth.

We both had an interest in triathlon but never went head to head – that would have been interesting.  He would have kicked my ass in the water but I wonder whether I would have been able to catch him during the run?  We should have swum against each other in Windermere at the Great North Swim last year but a shoulder problem caused him to withdraw and the event was cancelled anyway due to algae.  Cycling wise I reckon we’re quite similar as we did most of our miles as mid-distance commuters who didn’t hang about in traffic.  As my fleet of bikes has expanded, his has contracted due to reducing shed space.

Though JP has moved on, one of his former steeds will still be parked in the Sage cycle racks as he sold his Saracen hybrid commuting hack to me.  As a proud Yorkshireman he could appreciate the astuate financial sense in my taking the bike off his hands for less than it would cost me to buy a couple of puncture proof tyres for the MTB I had started using after my Trek was stolen.

I pimped the ride to suit my style; putting SPD pedals on it, a honky horn and of course a kickstand; the essential accessory for the man about town.  JP doesn’t approve of kickstands.  The Saracen runs well and quickly (when my mood suits) though there is a clunk through the crank that I’ll tolerate for now given her age and experience.

Good luck JP and thanks for the wheels fella.

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About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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2 Responses to Thanks for the wheels

  1. John Mailinator says:

    Apparently, JP Bell has a large penis. Can you verify.

  2. holmesinho says:

    The lack of wear and stressing to the ‘love channel’ area of the saddle would suggest otherwise.

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