Running free

I love running first thing in the morning and yesterday had one of my favourite ever runs.  I was staying with my Brother-in-law and his family for the weekend in East Dulwich, a lovely suburb of south London.  On my last trip down there I (eventually) found Crystal Palace but this time my intention was to head into the city and see some sights. 

I’ve been running more frequently than usual because of an Endomondo challenge I’ve set for my virtual training buddies.  The challenge is the number of runs you record in November and I’m way off Stacey’s top score of 34 runs in 21 days, but quite happy with my own total of 12 .

So Saturday morning I ran as far as the Kensington Oval and back which was under 10k and gave me my bearings and helped pace a longer run into the heart of London to do some sight seeing.  Yesterday I set off just before 7pm and by the time I crossed the river heading on to Victoria it was coming light.  I’d taken Maria to see Buckingham Palace the previous day whilst Alex and his cousin Fergus played in the science museum, so I knew some of the surrounding streets.  After pausing for a photo of the palace I headed down Pall Mall, along Whitehall and past the Houses of Parliament.  I crossed back to the south side of the Thames and ran uninterupted along the river past a couple of bridges before starting to head back south.  I added on an extra couple of kilometres to avoid  the climb over Denmark Hill with my weary legs and enjoyed seeing people staggering home through Peckham after a night out as some of the shops were opening.

Despite crossing over 150 roads I only paused about half a dozen times due to traffic and still managed to set my fastest ever half marathon time without really trying.  I had a bit of SIS PSP22 as I ran and an SIS caffine gel though I didn’t crack into the second one I had carried to help me out if I was struggling.  I was annoyed to have picked up a blister earlier in the week but fortunately that didn’t trouble me too much and although I was stiff for the rest of the day I remembered to stretch afterwards and feel fine today. 

Next time I’ll go to Greenwich and then follow the path of the river west to set a sub 90 minute run, just hope that the weather is as kind to me next time.

About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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