Return to the Angel’s bike hub

Yesterday I met up with Scott and Emma at the Angel Healthy Living Centre in my new capacity as a Corporate Social Responsibility Champion.  I had arranged for one of our Accountants Division directors, Gary, to meet up with Scott so he could learn about all the fab and groovy stuff they do.  Gary is sponsoring CSR activities for Sage in Manchester so I was delighted at this opportunity to show him the potential of the Angel and its Social Enterprise initiatives.  I’ll bore you with it all some other time but to keep on a cycling theme our tour of the centre took us past their bike hub.

The bike hub is how I met Scott when he presented the facility to the Salford Cycle Forum.    Basically old donated bikes are made roadworthy and then made available to hire by the hour (at just 20p), or for a day or week. The scheme pays for itself and dovetails into another Angel initiative to work with local youths giving them something constructive to focus on.

An outdoor shelter had been added since my last visit and I’d guess that the less desirable bikes would live outside rather than in his shed and from the fleet below I think I recognised 3 that I’d donated over the last few years.

Firstly a pink ladies MTB that I had found abandoned (with good reason) by our bike racks at work.  After a couple of months of it loitering I decided to donate it and I then put myself at great danger by attempting to ride it with no brakes and buckled wheel across Salford before thinking better of it an moving it by car. 

Secondly a red youth’s MTB I had rescued from impending landfill death in Bury and finally my old Claude Butler hybrid that Scott assured me he kept to use himself to commute to local sites and to meetings.  He admitted that she currently had a puncture to the rear, despite me putting Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres on her; a tyre that had never failed me on that bike or any other I have owned.

He’d put bar ends on her and replaced the crank which I thought was a bit suspect when I handed her over to him.  Rear mudguard was damaged but I could tell from the additional front pannier bag, drinks cage and rear pannier rack she was a hard working machine that had seen some action around the cobbled and pot holed streets of inner Salford.

We had an excellent meeting/tour and I hope we will be working with Scott, Emma and the Angel Centre in the not too distant future.

About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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