Relax, don’t do it

What was I saying yesterday? 
Well after that blog my new Brooks T6 Racer running shoes turned up and, well, I just had to try them out didn’t I?  The plan for this morning was to go running with a former work colleague who happens to live around the corner from me.  Although we have traded many mails and texts, heavy drinking and illness have so far prevented our running paths from crossing.  No matter, it will happen some time soon.  I was planning to run the Prestwich Mission Partnership 4/5 mile circuit with him but as he was a no show I thought I’d put me and my new shoes through a pacey 5k. 
I started from Parrenthorn school on Heywood Road with the first 2k following the perimeter of Heaton Park to avoid junctions.  There was a short climb up Scholes lanes then gently down Heywood Road and along Heys road before a final climb up Poppythorn lane to home.  I set off fast, though I was breathing regularly and comfortably as the first kilometre passed in about 3:21, that seemed unreasonably fast but I only slowed by 12 seconds for the second and by the time I’d done 3k I knew that a sub 19 minute time was in the bag.  The last kilometre was hard especially finishing with a climb and not exactly knowing where the finish line was going to fall.  My time was an unbelievable 18 minutes and 19 seconds which is even faster than Tampa Tom and pushes me up to 2nd in the Sage global 5k challenge. 
I will leave that PB to stand for a while, it will be my season’s best and now is the time to relax and enjoy the scenery as well as my running and to channel my energies elsewhere.  I can’t believe how I have applied myself to my training, if I could just carry this attitude though to other aspects of my life, then who knows what might happen. 

About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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2 Responses to Relax, don’t do it

  1. holmesinho says:

    Not actually worn them since that day!
    I’ve mostly rested for the last few weeks, will do a couple of miles in them tomorrow (you’ve shamed me!) and a longer run over the weekend in my Supernova Sequence 2 now that the blister has gone from my big toe. Might try a quick measured 5k at a Parkrun event later next month.

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