Always one more, you’re never satisfied

A very wise late 20th century poet, Samuel Hagar, once yelped: "Always one more, you’re never satisfied" and although his poetry spoke of the selfishness within a loving relationship this phrase in isolation rang through my ears as I pushed my ageing body to previously unknown speeds across 10 kilometres early on Friday morning.  Will I ever be satisfied?  I certainly was after that workout: under 40 minutes for 10k, job done, box ticked, move on to something else. 
Although I hold the top spot in the Sage global 10k challenge (okay so there’s only 10 of us competing but one guy is actually in Tampa) I knew there were at least 2 competitors with the potential to go past me, and I’m sure this will happen in the next 5 or 6 weeks but I’m done with quick 10k runs for this season.  I’m a 5k man and looking to settle into an autumn season of Parkruns to develop a bit more speed.  I will return to 10k in the spring in preparation for when (not if) I do a first Olympic triathlon.
I’m not one to complain but here goes – Adidas Sequence and my right big toe just don’t get on.  It blisters every time and got a large blood blister on Friday despite applying some anti blister paste stuff.  My ankles and knees are fine and I was convinced by the gait analysis in the shop that a support trainer was required, but it’s the right support wedge that I can feel against my toe.  It was bad the first time I ran and although there was a 30 day window to take them back I thought they just needed breaking in, or my feet did, but 3 months on and the same problem persists.  Obviously the solution is to buy another pair for really quick runs and try cushioning the problem area before going on longer or more gentle runs in the Adidas.
Anyway, 5150 is a fantastic album pumped with energy, melody and sheer power.  I thought it would be the perfect audio suppliment to my quick run on Friday but I learnt that running to music is not as straightforward as it would seem.  I was looking for tracks that might help my cadence but it turns out that the only time I ran ‘in time’ my pace dropped to a 4’12" kilometre.  I didn’t set off too quickly, despite being fired up by the raunchy and smutty ‘Good enough’ then ‘Why can’t this be love?’ really settled me into the 2nd kilometre, I resisted the urge to speed up through the frantic ‘Get up’ and though again the tempo wasn’t helpful, ‘Dreams’ lifted me mentally.
At home, Catriona was monitoring my progress and sending occassional Endomondo pep talks.  I ran even paced sub 4 minute Van Halen assisted kilometres for the first 3, slowed to 4:12 for the 5th but then upped the tempo for the 6th and 7th.  8th I slowed again as I navigated the rough track through to Simister with some early morning traffic but had enough left in the tank to ensure the last kilometre was the quickest of the lot.  Delighted with the time of 39’43", no need to try and better it just yet and I can relax on the running front as my attentions turn to distance swimming and the challenge of Windermere.

About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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