I picked up a blood blister on my run this morning which was disappointing though not unexpected.   I bought a new pair of running shoes a few weeks back and I think that my feet are still adjusting to them.  They are Adidas Supernova Sequence 2 and offer some support rather than being a neutral shoe like my old Asics.  The support prevents me from over-pronating to help keep my ankles and knees aligned but it feels like the support wedge is rubbing the side of my toe.
I ran 8 miles this morning doing a couple of laps of the Prestwich Mission Partnership.  It’s an interesting route that starts with a sharp down and up from St. Mary’s through Prestwich Clough then a further climb around the Butterstyle Lane estate before dropping down to Sedgeley Park.  I headed down Kings Road with the early morning sun shining into my face before turning to go past St. Gabriel’s and climbing up to Scholes Lane.  Along Bury Old Road I ran by the Heaton Park perimeter wall and I’ve found that the unbroken run of paving stones helps regulate my cadence, particularly on the second lap as I tired.  St. Margaret’s completes the 3rd of the parish churchs although strictly I should run another 2 miles to include its associated St. Georges church at Simister.
My right foot was hurting as I got home and I found 2 blisters on the side of my right big toe.  One was a nasty blood blister which I haven’t suffered since completing the London Marathon.  The last time I ran this route I had a small blister on each foot, today putting hand cream onto my feet had spared the blistering to my left foot but running quicker and harder this time had lead to more damage on the right.  I’m not sure whether my feet just need to toughen up or whether I could better cushion the vunerable area.  The trainers are fine otherwise and I don’t want to take them back even though there is a 30 day exchange deal on them.
I last ran on Friday and although that was a more intense run over 6k it was done with my old shoes so my feet were fine afterwards, the rest of me wasn’t, but my feet were fine.  I had organised a handicap race between a few colleagues in my office.  Although a couple ducked out this time, three of us completed in the first monthly ‘Fast Friday’ lunchtime event and the handcapping worked well as the 3 of us with PBs varing by 6 minutes all finished within a minute of each other.  I started last, looking to beat my time of 24:08 and although I caught Pete, Matt still finished well ahead of me as he trimmed over 20 seconds from his PB whilst I was 30 seconds outside mine. Next month I’m looking forward to Mark joining us as he’s quicker than me and should help regulate my pace and push me quicker than I’ve ever run before.   Let’s hope my feet are in good condition before then.

About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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