Looking forward to a ride to the seaside

I’ve always wanted to cycle to the seaside and I hope to tick this particular box on Sunday.  A couple of people from our office are doing our company’s C2C ride at the end of next month and although I didn’t fancy joining them this time I had offered to support them in their training.  Up in Newcastle there are weekly rides organised to help those wanting to complete the ride across the country in 1, 2 or 3 days.  Our riders are doing it in 2 days so by now they should be pushing themselves into a few hours riding as well as tackling some hills.  A group of keen riders from the office decided that a 55 mile ride along a flat section of the Trans Pennine Trail should help them along.  
We have 7 riders, all of whom have a bit of form: The two 2010 C2C riders are J-P who I completed it with last year and James who is training for the Liverpool Triathlon with me.  Of the others, our Product Development Manager, Rich, has done the most preparation.  He’s a born again cyclist who bought a nice Marin MTB through the cycle to work scheme and over a few weeks last summer built up the fitness to comfortably ride his 45 mile commute along the TPT from Warrington.  He’s trained further in readiness for Sunday’s ride which will be his longest yet.  His Boss and our departmental head, Ben, has the best pedigree:  His brother, who owns a bike shop, and his brother’s wife have been professional cyclists, Ben has done some track racing in his youth and over the last 2 years has whipped himself into shape to compete in a road race around the Oulton Park circuit.  Bikes have always been his thing, I think he’s got about 5, the most swanky of which is a £4,000 road bike.  Ben is also bringing his wife Penny along who also completed the 2009 Sage C2C ride.  Finally the ‘Magnificent 7’ is made up by our R&D director, Ian, who also completely the 2009 C2C and rides around Cheshire most weekends on his road bike.  
I think we are going to be riding at a pace rather than enjoying the scenary and the aim is to enjoy lunch at Nandos in Southport.  Until today the longest ride of the year for me had been about 13 miles.  I took a longer 30 mile route home with JP as we rode 12 miles of the TPT together until I ran out of time and had to bomb back along tthe A57 past Cadishead and Irlam but still arriving home 35 minutes after I had promised.  It was a much more intense ride than I had intended and after overtaking an Audi R8 that was queueing to cross the toll bridge over the ship canal at Warburton I noted that it took over 5 miles for that particular car to catch me up.  
I was very tired when I got home but a bit of time and a soak in the bath have revealled no specific aches and I should be ready for action on Sunday morning.  Let’s hope it stays dry.

About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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