Try again!

I was looking forward to a quick run after getting home from work but it didn’t turn out to be as quick as I had hoped.  I was aiming to complete my Heaton Park circuit in under 20 minutes having worked out that by running it in reverse to last weekend I’d finish with the best part of a mile along un-interupted pavement around the park’s perimeter.  I set off steady with a slight climb up from St Margaret’s entrance to the northern playground and from there it was mainly down hill to the lake area.
As I left the park at the junction of Sheepfoot lane and Bury Old Road I had just under 5 minutes to get back to the start, I thought this might have been do-able but there was a slight headwind which I realised had also been assisting me prior to that final turn for home.  By the time I passed the Heaton Park Metrolink station I knew I wouldn’t go sub 20 and after becoming slightly dispondant I had to push hard over the last 100 meters to run 21 minutes dead. 
As I walked back home I tried to list some excuses, I had ridden home 15 minutes before running and I felt slightly dehydrated as I set off although I’d been sipping SIS Go through the late afternoon.  Maybe I had set off too slowly and I didn’t think about wind direction.  Legs didn’t feel weak but the overall energy levels were not quite there.  I think I’d run it a good deal quicker on a weekend morning.
Analysing the Garmin data didn’t reveal too much.  There is too much noise to see trends in my pace, I’m sure there must be some way of smoothing the output but I haven’t found it yet.  There were some strange spikes where my speed dropped off and I’m wondering if these were the points where I was glancing at the watch?  Maybe I’ll limit the number of times I look down at it.  My heartrate stepped up quite clearly during the last mile despite there being no step change in pace.
I’m friends again with the Wii fit board as it tells me I’ve lost 3 lbs in the last 8 days.  Evening weigh-ins can be a bit iratic so I’ll check again in the morning.  To lose a pound in a week you need to reduce calorie intake by 500 per day or in my case cut out the 800 calorie workday flapjack feasts.  I’ve exercised every day for the last week and although it sounds a lot, I don’t feel tired or achy, it’s being done at a sustainable level and most importantly I’ve enjoyed it all.
Details of today’s run are here and as a little aside if you look at the satelite view of the Heaton Park route it looks like those images were taken when the stage was set up for last year’s Oasis concert.

About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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