Triathlon targets

Well I hit my target of 4 swims and 8 runs in January so I’m quite pleased with myself.  One of the ‘runs’ was actually 9k of a commuting walk in the snow and another run involved dragging my son on a sledge for 2k so there has been quite a bit of variety in my training.  The next step is to make my runs more focused and as I’ve recently tried running on the balls of my feet (to avoid using my heels) I hope to develop this as my default running style over the next few weeks.  A half term holiday will break any routine I might establish but I’m hoping I can enjoy some careful running on Spanish beaches for even more variety this month.  So maybe I’ll target 8 runs again for Febrauary.
In the pool I’m feeling stronger but don’t seem to be getting any quicker.  I swam 6 times, some of those being quick lunchtime 30 length sessions and others being 45 minute Monday night swims fighting through the traffic of a busy Leigh sports village pool.  The Leigh swims are probably more representative of open water swimming and a chance to try different drills and take tips from a couple of friends who are technically superior.
Thankfully there has been no more back pain, although I’m not stretching daily as I should be.  The initial novelty of the Wii fit board has passed, and despite not drinking much in January this hasn’t made any difference to my weight as logged by the aforementioned device.  I was hoping these unnecessary alcoholic calories (leading to other late night unnecessary snacky calories) would have amounted to at least 3 pounds but no, my weight has simply fluctuated and I’ve resorted to adding an inch to my height to move me and my BMI a more comfortable distance from the (ridiculous) ‘over-weight’ band.    
I didn’t quite manage a whole month off the booze, there was an absent minded Friday lunchtime pint in the middle of the month and I also hadn’t bargained on a 5th weekend in January so caved in last Saturday to share a bottle of wine whilst watching ‘So you think you can dance’ with my better half.  The following night it was port and Baileys (not together!) to avoid opening another bottle of wine but I felt the start of a slide back to bad habits.  I may not have lost weight but whilst not drinking at all I think I’ve slept better.  I’m not saying that alcohol has caused me interupted night’s sleep in the past, but I felt more refreshed with 6 hours alcohol free sleep than I had previously with longer sleeps.   I received a delivery of SIS Go electrolyte and Re-go recovery drink powders today so I’m fuelled up for a few months ahead and it gives me even more alternatives to the old temptations of wine, port, gin and Bailey’s. 

About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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