Winter Training

The freezing weather isn’t hampering my training too much.  After the best part of a month off, due more to back pain than bad weather, I have started the new year with renewed energy.  I had set myself a target of 4 swims and 8 runs this month with an emphasis on quantity rather than quality as I try to find a regular training rhythm.  I resumed Monday evening swimming with the 2 Andys at a suprisingly quiet Leigh sports village especially considering it was the first open evening session of the new year.  I also managed a family outting to the pool in Bury last weekend and I managed a quick 20 lengths of the main pool before rejoining the rest of the family in the teaching pool.  Alex swam a couple of lengths for the first time showing that he is far more comfortable in water wings than the buoyancy jacket he had worn previously. 
I was back cycling on Thursday, the snow and ice has meant I have walked a bit at either end of my journey but by modifying my route to stay on main roads I cycled quite safely for a couple of days last week.  The roads were much quieter and those drivers out there were moving about with more care and caution than normal, which was nice. 
The running is a bit more tricky although I did enjoy 35 minutes this afternoon in Heaton Park.  At times the snow had a sand like texture, at other points in the run it ranged from slush to hard, uneven and crispy.  The run certainly had plenty of variety to it.  Although I haven’t been out for another run as such, I did drag Alex for 2km last Sunday at a good pace and I walked 9km on Monday as I tried commuting by bus and popped out to the Lowry to buy some boots which have been very well used since.  So I’m looking to do 5 more runs and a couple of swims and I’ll have met my training goals for the month.
Nutritionally I’m improving too.  I’m still teetotal and think I should be able to make it through to February without a problem.  I enjoyed a tomato juice this evening and once there was a bit of Worcester sauce and stick of celery in it I didn’t miss the vodka in a drink that still felt a bit special.  I’m even starting to enjoy tonic without the gin.  Not been to the crisp and chocolate machine yet this year and that is mainly due to being organised enough to have better alternatives stashed in my desk.  
Although I’m not stretching every day I’m doing it more frequently and the back pain has disappeared.  I’ve fallen out with the Wii because despite all these good habits my weight is not dropping and my BMI on Wii fit is such that I’m not far away from ‘overweight’ which seems ridiculous, oh and when I fought Catriona on there last night she knocked me out inside a minute so not happy with it at all!

About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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