Pain pain go away

I have been suffering with back pain for over a week now.  It came on after going for a run last wednesday, which was not an especially hard/quick one and was the regular 3.7 mile lunchtime route.  My back felt ‘tired’, as it can do after exercising, although that tends to be the familiar (and actually slightly pleasant) sign that I have had a good work-out.  That run should have not had me feeling so tired.  Over the next couple of days mild sciatic type pains came on down the left side of my body.  I haven’t run since and only cycled to work once this week although cycling didn’t make it feel better or worse.  Actually climbing out of a car has been excruciating on a couple of mornings as the back seems to be at its worst when I wake.  Either the action of walking through the day or the ibroprufen helps ease the pain and allows me to walk upright (eventually)
I have been shocked by my early morning appearance when looking in the mirror.  I look like a human question mark and swinging my legs and body out of bed has to be done with extreme care.
The causes?  Well I think I might have a weakness in my back rather than there being specific reasons for it as I have had 2 bouts of sciatic pain earlier this year.  The first was after I was knocked off my bike and I attributed the pain due to me over-compensating to protect the knee.  The pain went after a week.  I had a second minor bout later in the year but this last week has been the worst yet.  I think it might have been brought on by all my exercising.  I have been running to counterbalance my cycling but with swimming hard once a week as well maybe I am putting an unfair burden on my core without specifically exercising it.
I spoke to my Doctor over the phone who was reluctant to give any advice and has referred me for physio.  My concern was that this would take weeks and what should I do in the interim?  The Doctor said keep taking the ibroprofen and stretch (but he wouldn’t tell me how!).  In the end I suggested things to him such as walking rather than running, avoid cycling but keep swimming.  I know the materess on our bed is very old and needs replacing but will wait until seeing the physio before deciding what is needed.  I have slept on our new Ikea sofa bed (we wisely opted to spend an extra £30 to buy a harder mattress) and that has improved my back rather than worsen it over the last couple of nights.  Plenty of gentle walking and pain killers today should improve it further and a week’s tram commuting ahead of me will probably give me such a headache that the back pain will be completely forgotten.  

About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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