More triathlon training

I’m buzzing today after my first combined ride and run and it looks like I’ll be doing the triathlon next month rather than waiting until next May.  The Head of our department, who I rode the C2C with in June, keeps asking about my training progress.  Since training for the C2C he has gone on to lose more weight, getting even fitter and faster so much so that he is now riding competitive road races for the first time in about 10 years.   I can’t keep talking about doing a sprint triathlon through the whole winter so I’ll look to do it next month setting a realistic time and making sure I finished.  After that I’ll train gently through the winter and harder in the spring to do a better time next year whilst hopefully competing against some work colleagues.
Yesterday I ran with James and Matt at lunchtime, James had cycle commuted 75 miles from Crosby the previous day so he dropped off after 3 kilometres and I pushed Matt along to shave a minute off his best 5k time.  Earlier in the day I set a PB for my cycle to work knocking 12 seconds off my previous best despite heavier tyres than on my last quick run.  The sub 20 minute commute looks possible with a bit more effort, a fair wind and favourable traffic lights.
This morning my legs were not too achy from yesterday’s exersions and my head wasn’t too cloudy from a few bottles of homebrew so with the early morning sun shinning brightly I quickly plotted out a 20k ride on Run Finder and set off soon after 6am.  The first 3 miles was slightly down hill and I must have had what little wind there was behind me so I made a conscious effort not to go too quickly and just ride as economically as possible.  Once around the far side of Heaton Park there was a long steady climb as I headed towards Heywood, I didn’t give it everything but did attack it to make sure it didn’t drag on too long.  Riding through Birch and Pilsworth I held back slightly keeping something in the tank for later and then through Hollins and Unsworth a pushed a bit harder before easing up on the last couple of kilometres. 
After a change of footware in the garage I was back out on the streets within a minute.  The first kilometre of running was wierd as my legs didn’t feel like my own and I realised that the efforts of the previous 45 minutes had affected my aerobic performance too.  I just repeated the 3k run I had done a few nights earlier and concentrated on keeping my shape rather than pushing myself.  I felt okay afterwards, muscles were fine but was quite tired in a very satisfying way.
I’m off work this thursday so might do an early bird swim at the local baths and try to do all 3 disciplines within a couple of hours which should tell me how each activity affects the others.  If that goes well I’ll sign up for next month’s race.  

About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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