Triathlon training

Since deciding just over a month ago to do a Triathlon (albeit a short sprint one) there has been interest from work colleagues as to my progress.  I’ve explained that the training hasn’t really started other than me swimming once a week and jogging sparadically.  I’ve not yet fallen into any pattern of running although I’ve been out a few times covering up to 4 miles.  Tonight I tried a 15 minute jog straight after coming home from work and just before eatting which suited me fine.  Hopefully I’ll tempt Catriona into running on the evenings I don’t go out as she has fallen out of the habit over the last few months.
I’m enjoying the lunchtime swimming and I’m looking to maintain a pace of 30 seconds per 25 metre length.  I can keep that going for a 12 lengths at the moment and in the next couple of weeks I hope to extend that to the full 500m race distance by improving my breathing and my technique.  I’m not looking to swim quickly but want to be as efficient as possible to save energy for the other 2 disciplines.
I’ve done no additional cycling over and above my daily commute and tomorrow will be my first bikeless commute for over a month so I’m keeping steady on that front.  I tried a couple of quick rides to work a few weeks back and slashed 90 seconds off my PB to bring it down to 20 mins 34 seconds.  Since then I’ve changed tyres to Schwalbe Marathon Plus which add noticeable rolling resistance so I won’t be going sub 20 minutes for a while yet.
My diet has improved too; I’ve not bought crisps from the machine at work for a month although I gave in to a very rare chocolate urge this lunchtime as my flapjack supply had disappeared.  I’m eatting at least an apple a day and have swapped tea for water drinking through the day although having been in sleep deficit over the last couple of weeks I’ve needed an afternoon coffee to pick me up as of late.  We seem to be drinking in the week again, not every night but it’s not unusual for a bottle to be drunk with dinner on a "school-night".  I have just done a batch of homebrew bitter so might tempt the missus into a glass of shandy as an alternative.   
So although the training hasn’t really started I’m pleased with the foundations I’m laying for future training and as a result I’m exercising a bit more frequently and enjoying it too.

About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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