10,000 miles

My trusty Halfords odometer clocked up 10,000 miles today and although I’ve managed to kick the habit of logging my weekly/monthly mileage, which was fairly pointless, at moments like these those detailed records might have been mildly interesting.

In broad terms the mileage has been amassed over a period of about 4 years across 3 bikes. Most of it has been generated by my 13 mile daily commute but it also includes some weekend mileage on Sustrans Ranger activities and some of the training for June’s C2C ride.  I’d be quick to point out that much of my later training mileage as well as the ride itself was performed on my Cannondale MTB (which has another odometer) and there was a very frightening period of a month when my distance cycled went (gulp) un-clocked!

I used to stress when the ‘trusty’ odometer went on the blink in heavy rain or extreme cold but these days it no longer matters (I don’t sweat the small stuff).  In 2007 I set myself a target mileage of 2,500 which I exceeded and then the following year I decided to set a maximum as well as a minimum target as I found I was getting hacked off and over-tired from the winter commuting.

So across the 3 bikes that have been attached to the odometer 4,000 miles have come from my Claude Butler hybrid which I rode exclusively up until January 2007 when I bought the Carrera Subway 8.  That bike added 3,000 miles before falling to bits and the remaining 3,000 have been covered on the Trek in just over a year. Although I now have the option of using the Cannondale MTB, I’ll keep that bike for infrequent off road weekend rides and as a backup so will keep putting the bulk of the miles on the Trek.

One reason to try not to obsess about mileage is that it’s just a rough guide as to your activity, in the way that your weight is a guide to your level of fitness.  At the end of the day the mileage figure gives no indication of the terrain or inclines covered; as I found out in June when cycling across the country some miles can feel much longer than others.



About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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