I’ve being slowly accumulating the required kit for my C2C ride and took advantage of Aldi’s cycling stuff that went on sale today.  I went a bit mad spending £35 on a very compact pac-a-mac, saddle bag and tool kit, a nifty frame bag, glasses, cycling socks and underpants (lovely padded gusset!).  I think I might be able to manage the ride without panniers and will have a practise ride this weekend with everything in place, including my water backpack which I haven’t had chance to use yet..  I’ve realised I can stick a spare T shirt or 2 around the bladder on my back and use the frame bag to hold all the bits of food I’ll graze on.  We are having kit transported to our overnight stay so I’ll take alternative clothing should it be particularly cold but having struggled to keep dry and comfortable in overtrousers I’ll go for shorts over my cycling underpants., I’ve got a good shirt that wicks and will take a couple of T shirts per day to provide extra layers.  Our organiser Tony also happens to be the Health & Safety officer for the Newcastle site so the ideal person to plan the event out.  He also did the ride last year and so has produced a comprehensive list of what’s needed:
Plenty of thin layers of clothes
Cycle Helmet – No helmet, no ride is the mantra
Shorts with padding
‘Nice’ socks
Couple of things to eat (Dried fruit, nuts, flapjack etc)
At least 1 litre of fluid (backpack backpack!)
Pack a Mac
2 spare inner tubes
Puncture repair kit (including tyre levers!)
Allen key multi tool
Cable ties (3 or 4 off) – yet to be sourced
Bike pump
Something to carry the above in
Sun block (I so hope I’ll need it)
Toothbrush and toothpaste
deodorant (are we going on the pull or what?) 
and Towel (our saturday night accomadation does not provide them) 
Amongst the extra optional items I think energy drink (SIS PSP 22), a map and Sudocrem would be desirable.
This weekend I’ve got an ambitious 65 mile route in mind which is the longest training run I am proposing to do.  It needs to be dry on Saturday morning for me to commit to doing it, otherwise I’ll make myself so miserable I may never climb on a bike again.  If it rains I’ll do an intense 40 mile ride with a few climbs instead, I hope it stays dry though.

About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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