Monster early morning ride!

As part of the training for my 140 mile C2C challenge in June I did a monster ride starting very early yesterday morning.  I don’t want to be taking big chunks out of my weekend time with the kids (oh and the wife too!) so I tend to start my weekly long ride early in the morning.  This week it was a bit ridiculous though, I woke at 5:10 well before my alarm was due to go off and after a quick cuppa was on the road for 5:30.  I had to be back soon after 9am so that Catriona could make an early morning hairdresser’s appointment so I was aiming to ride up the Irwell Valley to Burnley and back
The weather was kind to me with no wind or rain although as I started climbing out of Rawtenstall to Crawshawbooth I noticed people scraping ice off their cars, was it really that cold?  A mile outside of Burnley, I turned east towards Bacup.  Fearing I might not get home quickly enough and mindful of the fact that I had no spare inner tube I took an earlier turn towards Rawtenstall before actually reaching Bacup.
I had a dodgy moment at a mini roundabout in Waterfoot when a horsebox didn’t give way to me.  I had to brake and swerve to avoid being hit by the wagon and enraged by this near miss I chased the horsebox for 2 miles before pulling along side it at a set of red lights.  I hammered on the driver’s window and gave him what for, the driver looked absolutely stunned to see me again.  He let me set off ahead of him from the lights but as we started a climb I pulled to the side and waved him past along with giving a few other gestures.
Fortunately the rest of the ride home was less eventful and I stopped off in Ramsbottom to stick a temporary Route 6 sign to a lampost where the council’s arrow had gone missing.  Despite this pause I was still home for 9am, completing 50.2 miles in 3.5 hours.
I have set up a just giving website to capture sponsorship for my ride in June:
I’ll be riding with about 30 other riders from Sage and we are all raising money for Cancer Research UK.  I’m going to dedicate each training ride to people who have battled cancer, if you have anyone you’d like me to mention then please drop me a line with any words you’d like me to use.
I’d like to dedicate this weekend’s ride to the memory of Wendy Richard MBE after seeing a wonderful programme last week about her brave and spirited battle with cancer. 

About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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