I can’t stand the rain….

…. ‘gainst my window, or anywhere else for that matter!  I’ve held back from writing this particular rant for a while but I think I’m going to burst.
Why is the weather so consistently shit?  This is the summer for fecks sake!  The bad weather gets me down and I want to sue somebody (though I guess that my statutory rights are not affected) because summer is when the sun shines, it’s warm, it doesn’t rain (as much) and everyone has picnics and BBQs and people smile a bit more than they do normally. 
Fortunately our kids know no better, they only remember 2 ‘summers’ and 2007 was piss poor too.  Of couse last year there were floods (though not round our way) when the rain was more intense.  I’m pretty sure that even last year there were some sunny weekends late in August and into September.  We were lucky that we went to South Wales at the end of June (first Wimbledon week) and although there were showers on a couple of days the rest of the time it was sunny, dry and ice cream licking hot.  That was the week that the flooding started around the Severn.  This year we went away even earlier; to Centre Parks in May, and the weather was glorious and we also caught a rare good weekend at the end of June spent in Norfolk – I think the east coast tends to avoid the worst rain anyway.  Two years ago was very good and I should be grateful as that was the summer we had a loft conversion done and I decked the area outside the kitchen and re-laid a lawn so I’ve certainly made my fair share of hay when the sun has actually been shining.
The only bad summer I can remember as a kid was 1977 after the scorching summer that preceded it.  We always stayed at the same farmhouse just outside Newquay for our 2 week summer holiday and that was the only year I remember being wet.  It was so bad I was allowed to watch TV during the day (unheard of on holiday) and we watched the Silver Jubilee celebrations – mind you we might have been forced to watch it whatever the weather as my Mum is a keen Royalist.  
I’ve not wanted much from this summer, I didn’t expect to get a tan or anything but just wanted to be able to embark on a few days out without packing waterproofs, enjoy evenings dining out in the garden and a BBQ or 3 with friends.  There’s hasn’t been a trip to the zoo for us this year although staying carbound at a safari park sounds like an alternative we might consider.  This weekend I would have loved to have climbed Holcombe Hill with the family as the Peel Tower is open for national heritage weekend.  That one will have to be saved for next year and that will also give the kids some chance to train for it so they might be able to conquer it under their own steam (yeah right!)
We’re far too busy anyway and what am I doing wasting my time blogging when there’s so much to do? 

About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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