My trot to work

Continuing in my investingation of different methods of travelling to work, today I tried jogging:
My running route was even more direct than my usual bike route and I took my first shortcut by heading down Church Lane and through Prestwich Clough.  I didn’t see any wildlife this morning; I saw a deer down there a couple of week ago.  I had only drunk a cup of tea before setting off but that still was sufficient to give me a stitch which took a good 15 minutes to run off.
I skipped around and over the big puddles on the neglected section of NCN route 6 through Drinkwater park then at Agecroft Road I crossed the river and took a new loose stone path between the banks of the Irwell and Agecroft cemetary.  A gate at one end of this path prevents me from cycling this way (and I don’t mind the on road alternative at this point) but today the gate was open so I didn’t have to climb over it.  At Jubilee bridge I hit the freshly tarmac’d stretch of NCN 6 by the river and this was an absolute joy to jog along.  The surface under foot makes such a difference to your speed and how to run and I remembered back to how disappointed I was with Catriona’s Race for Life performance around Stratford racecourse after 2 months of pounding pavement in preparation.  The going was not "firm to good" that day and it dawned on me that the terrain makes a hell of a difference.
I joined Littleton Road and then followed my usual bike route for the remainder of the journey.  The legs were starting to feel heavy as I crossed the Adelphi footbridge with about 2 miles to go but Blur’s "There’s no other way" lifted my heart, soul and hamstrings for 3 minutes at least.
As I hit the final stretch of Ordsall Lane I noticed that with a bit of effort I could reach the office quicker than I did on Wednesday when travelling by bus.  Sure enough by upping the pace I arrived in 57 minutes and 8 seconds just within the 58 minutes I had taken by bus.  I admit that after a shower it still took a further 10 minutes to return to my natural skin colour.  I’m so glad I only did the run in one direction, as I’m being picked up from work tonight.   
I haven’t saved any money by this exercise as I’ve eaten like a horse today starting with a well earned sausage and egg butty and a can of full fat coke, I have then grazed through the morning.  I might do it again in the future but only if I’m training towards something as the experience wasn’t really much fun.  

About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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