My big bus adventure pt 2 – homeward bound

I left the office at 16:33, was at the bus stop 3 minutes later and by 16:43 the number 53 had turned up.  I arrived at Salford Shopping City at 16:55 about 5 minutes after the previous number 95 had left.  The next one was due at 17:20 and I resisted the opportunity to browse the shopping mall and chose to write my blog instead.  The bus arrived on time and there was actually a queue to get on it.  It set off with 22 on board and we were soon stopped in queuing traffic to get on to Broughton Road.  I was thinking at this point that I’d already be home by this time if I had taken bike or car and the tram would probably only be a couple of stops away from Prestwich.
As the journey continued the traffic seemed to clear and I arrived back in Prestwich Village at 17:45, I noticed that I was the last person to get off the bus.  6 minutes later I was back in the house which worked out at 78 minutes to get back home.  Overall the bus journeys were not too bad, I’m glad it was quicker to get to work than return home.  Maybe if I started work earlier I might be able to trim a few minutes off the journey in and with a better change of buses on the way home save 15 minutes but for £3.70 it stood up well against tram travel and was more comfortable as I was not pressed up against anyone’s armpits as usually happens on the Eccles tramline.

About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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