Recycling cycles

I took the car to work today but before you tell me off for such a sin during Bike Week it was needed to enable me to drop off a couple of bikes at the Salford Angel’s Bike hub.  Scott, at the bike hub runs a bike hire scheme where you hire a bike for an hour (20p), day (£1.50) or longer term.  He takes in bikes and refurbishes them, sometimes with the help of young offender groups.  The bikes are also used for organised health rides as Scott is employed by the Salford PCT.
My Claude Butler is being loaned to them indefinately and I can call it back should I ever need it (hopefully not).  He will service the bike to keep it roadworthy (I pointed out the dodgy slipping crank) and it frees up a bit of space in our garage at home so everyone’s a winner.  I also passed over the Subway 8 which was in bits.  The frame, front wheel and brake are fine but he’ll need to do some work to fit a standard rear wheel, gears and brakes to it.
In return I was offered pickings from his Aladdin’s cave of salvaged bike bits; I choose a bike-stand to enable me to suspend my bike when servicing it and a pannier.   He and Dennis were trying to force various other bits and piece on me (it started to remind me of a visit to my Grandma’s) but I declined front and rear pannier frames and a Brooks saddle (I appreciated the gesture but a brown saddle would look daft on my Trek).
My head has been spinning with the idea of organising a couple of work days with them when a dozen Sage staff volunteer their services.  I checked the water and there is a lot of interest from the people in the R&D department.  My initial idea was to appeal to the staff at the Manchester office for unwanted bikes, we work on them to make them road worthy and also help Scott with some of the bikes he is building from the bits in his lock-up.  As it promotes good health, recycling and green travelling the work they do ticks all the boxes for an organisation Sage would want to help.  I’d love to lead a project, let’s hope something comes of it.
Critical commute tomorrow morning and a trip over to the Bicycle Doctor at lunchtime so they’ll be plenty to report on tomorrow too. 

About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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