Happy Father’s day

I’ve had a brilliant Father’s day even though it started at 2am and didn’t run particularly smoothly.  The kids have both got chicken pox, and quite bad chicken pox at that, Maria is on the mend and Alex is just getting into the worst stages of it.  Maria brought it back from nursery and so is about 7-10 days ahead of Alex in the process.  She was at her worst last weekend when some of the spots were the size of boils and were really uncomfortable.  Alex currently has a bad patch at the top of his back, on his neck and across his head and woke with a temperature of 39.6 last night.  We gave him the appropriate drugs and settled him only to find Maria had thrown up and although not seemingly distressed, had the stuff plastered through her hair.  I bathed Maria whilst Catriona sorted out the bed and she settled back down without any trouble, then Alex woke again at about 4am and he didn’t settle again.  Catriona got up at this point, whilst I (playing the father’s day card) claimed the lie in ’til Maria woke at 6am and joined me in bed for a bit.
Anyway dispite this disruption (which was not unexpected) the rest of the day has been great fun.  The kids being ill meant we didn’t have to battle with them over doing the right thing ie they could eat what they wanted, when they wanted (we were just glad they were eatting) and could watch DVDs on demand (mostly Curse of the Were-rabbit which is an ace film anyway).
Today was the Prestwich Carnival and I took part playing my first gig with the Manchester School of Samba.  It was good that it was such a local gig and considering the health of the kids meant that they could enjoy bits of my performance without commiting to travelling anywhere.  I’ve done carnival parade’s before and for a sambista it’s good practice, though repetative, and by the end of 90 minutes playing I, as a newcomer to the band, was sharpened up for the 15 minute performance on the main stage. 
After the gig I went over to the cycle arena on St Mary’s playing fields where they had cycle speedway bikes supplied by the Bury Youth Cycle Speedway Club.  I had a go but once I demonstrated I wasn’t a complete muppet on a bike the 11 year old lads I was racing against showed no mercy and started forcing me off the racing line through the corners.  These bikes are single speed and have no brakes, the line through the corner was crucial (especially as I was starting to take them a bit quicker) and I ended up hitting a fence by running too wide out of one.  I didn’t fall off but did on the next lap when I couldn’t avoid the path of another cyclist who had fallen.  Our bikes got tangled and I bent a spoke on the bike I had been loaned.  The young chap who owned the bike was not at all impressed when I returned it to him, but he’d seen the incident and must have known I could not have avoided the collision.
The day was rounded off with a very relaxed and enjoyable evening meal with my Mum and Dad who have just returned from a Ruby Wedding Anniverary trip to Venice.  The kids enjoyed their first lasagne, were impeccibly behaved at the table and have both settled in their beds without any tears.  I’m enjoying my 3rd Leffe of the evening and everything is right with the world! 

About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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