A day of firsts

I’ve enjoyed a wonderful day at home today to celebrate Alexander’s 1st birthday.  It has been a day of many firsts:
This morning I took Alex for his first haircut.  It was only when we compared the before and after photographs we realised how long it had got.  He looks so much smarter for the cut and enjoyed the experience too.  Rather than taking him to my regular barber, Stan, on Bury New Road in the Village we went to Jay’s barbers on Whittaker Lane.  It had been recommended to us from a few sources and Jay certainly is well skilled with little heads.  He didn’t use clippers, it was all careful and patient scissor work using a mixture of the mirror and his scarf to coax Alex into turning his head as required.  The little fire engine distractor I took wasn’t needed; no blood, no tears, and afterwards Alex was willing to sit on my lap for a further 10 minutes as Jay sorted me out too. 
This afternoon Alex went for his first swim at Total Fitness in Whitefield, he loved it and Catriona will be taking him and his sister regularly in the new year.
Tea time produced another first; all 4 of us ate the same meal.  Alex, along with the rest of us, enjoyed "Bo Peep Pie" (shepherd’s pie to you and me) followed by banana and chocolate birthday cake, lovingly made and iced by his mother and sister.  Maria also sang happy birthday to him in the bath without any prompting.
The final first of the day was an unexpected treat; a first poo in the potty from Maria.  Brilliant!  She has really got the hang of weeing in the potty this week and hasn’t had an "accident" since Saturday.  She’d still been pooing in her nappies just after waking up but after a day at nursery in knickers (another first) it hadn’t been reported back to us that she’d had a number 2.  Catriona noticed a couple of "Trouser trumpets" from her just before bath-time so offered her the potty and hey presto!

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Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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