Reward charts

We both follow the teachings of “Supernanny” Jo Frost and are enjoying the new series which has just started on Channel 4.  Although Maria’s behaviour is far from the extremes showcased in the programme, like most 2 year olds she has her moments.  We’ve already successfully passed through some short phases of biting and tantrums during this year but about a month ago Maria had developed a habit of pushing Alex over when he was sat up.  Most of the time it was due to over-exuberance but on occasions it was naughtiness.  So rather than just using the naughty step/chair/spot or in our case the naughty hall to which she was periodically banished for 2 minutes, we decided Maria was now sophisticated enough to understand the benefits of a reward chart.


The evening that the first chart was drawn up fell at the end of a nightmare day for Catriona when she realised despite everything going on Maria had been an absolute angel and deserved some recognition as well as the usual praise we give her.  Maria loves Fifi and the Flowertots and a subscription to Fifi’s World magazine had enabled us to build up a treasure chest of Fifi related goodies which we didn’t think she was quite old enough for.  Amongst the booty there were magnets of all the characters with extra accessories to enable scenes to be re-enacted. 


The reward scheme we devised was a star sticker for every day Maria was good and on the 6th day a special sticker to put in the middle of a flower together with a magnet character.  Today Maria filled in the final flower on her first sheet and I’ve just created a 2nd sheet which is some Bumble related honey pots.  Photos here


So Did it work?  It sure did!  It took 10 days to complete the first of the flowers but after that there were just a couple of no star days and Alex (or any of his little mates) haven’t been pushed over for weeks.  We’ll use the next chart to encourage her eating as she’s being a bit fussy at the moment.      


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