Abigail, Maria and Alex

Abigail’s condition continues to improve at St. Mary’s.  She is no longer taking the morphine sedative which means she is more awake.  She’s starting to find the ventilator tubes annoying now and is trying to remove them, she might not need them for much longer as the ventilator is now only assisting 10 breaths per 60.  2 dirty nappies yesterday so everything seems to be in good working order down there as well.
Maria’s a bit poorly at the moment.  It started on Thursday evening when she let out a yelp whilst eating her tea.  Her mouth was full of food and I thought she had bit her toungue.  On Friday Catrioina noticed a sore on her tongue which I thought confirmed the bite theory but then we noticed a second sore.  Maria doesn’t usually make much fuss when she’s off colour but over the last few days she’s been very clingy and easily upset (although I’ve found ways to distract and stop the tears).  We’ve given her Calpol a couple of times but Saturday morning she sounded croaky and the sores were still there.  We were mindful of a post Christmas party with her mates later that day and needed to check that her condition was not contagious.
Fortunately we have a walk in medical centre 10 minutes walk away and a nurse there suspected that she either had a ulcer due to a cold sore type viral infection or hand, foot and mouth.  The first condition is less contagious though could be spread by close contact and kissing in particular (no party for Maria then!).  The hand, foot and mouth would mean she needs to be kept away from other kids until little spots have gone.  Maria hasn’t got any spots at the moment so if they appear in the next couple of days we should know which condition she has.  We have some kid’s ibruprofan to give her 3 times a day but the infection, whichever one it is, just needs to run its course.
Alex should be safe from Maria’s illness as long as we stop her from kissing him.  His diet of 100% breast milk makes him extra resiliant against infection, and on that front I was able to give him a first bottle last night.  Catriona expressed 3.5 ounces and he took 2 ounces from me at 11pm whilst swaddled up before settling back to sleep straight away.  The swaddling blankets help to settle him at night, Catriona also notices he needs quiet to settle so puts him to bed upstairs at 8pm after a bath and a feed.  I think the blankets make him look like Little Frank – photo added see what you think.

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Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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