The power of prayer

I saw Abigail last night and she is showing good signs of recovery since the operation.  X rays have shown that her left lung is already expanding to fill the space it should have been occupying, her air supply is down to the regular mix of oxygen rather than 30% as it was pre-op and as the sedatives are being reduced she is opening her eyes and even trying to cry.  I say trying to cry as feed tubes prevent her from making a noise so it’s a silence cry but all the correct facial expressions are there!  The air supply is now through her nose rather than mouth which means she can move her mouth freely, and this together with her eye movement mean that her face no longer looks puffed up as it did before the operation.  She can also be dressed in babygrows again and it was good to see that Abigail already fills one of Maria little newborn babygrows which she had worn for over a month. 
Whilst I was there Alison and Jason were allowed a first hold of her since the operation and other signs of normality include Alison changing her first dirty nappy.  Jason is an old hand at nappies after looking after Maria, Jack, Niall and other babies on numerous occassions but Alison has always managed to dodge a dirty one.
Many people have sent their best wishes, thoughts and prayers over the last days.  Abigail is being remembered in a number of congregations; Sadly Jason’s Great Uncle Cyril (aka Uncle Squirrel) passed away a couple of weeks ago.  His funeral was on Wednesday and as Jason’s family were gathered  together they had an extra chance to pray together.  Abigail has also been remembered at a friend’s prayer group and a Mosque in Bury as Alison has kept in touch with the Sister of Hassan, one of the hearing impaired children she taught, since going on maternity leave.  
The plan over the next few days is to reduce the sedatives further and to try Abigail on some expressed milk but the ventilator will still be used for at least another week.      

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Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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