Boobs much better but no more dirty nappies since Tuesday so concern swings around to Alex again.  Midwife Natalie visited yesterday and was pleased with progress, she’ll be here again today and Sunday too so it just shows that despite the community midwfes being so busy they really do look after you when you have a problem.  Maybe this is why we saw so little of midwife Mary after Maria’s birth, other than the feeding there were no other health issues with mum or baby that time around.
One side affect of the anti-biotics for Mum’s Mastitus is that it could loosen up Alex blowels (sorry back to poo again!), the little man is feeding so well that surely something has to come out of him sometime soon?
The house was turned upside down yesterday by a couple of electricians and we all had to take refuge in the front room.  We didn’t realise the impact they would have upon the place but we had to take up the laminated floor in the hall to allow them access under the house in order to route cables through to the garage and into cavities.  We have had a double socket put in the hall, 2 extra double sockets and a 2nd strip light in the garage, and they installed a couple of light fittings in the loft. 
There was also the question of bonding.  They wanted me to take up tiles and floorboards in the bathroom in order to check for existing an earthing connection.  I took up one small tile at the doorway and realised what a mess this would create so told them to assume it wasn’t earthed and make a new connection.
Glyn also looked at our bedroom light as it had stopped working whilst the conversion was being done but we didn’t instantly blame the builders as we couldn’t see there would be a connection.  Glynn suspects that they have re-routed some old wires and although the fitting is still live the live feed to the switch has been disturbed.  It’s a job for Dean and his electrician brother to resolve but this will mean disturbing carpet and floor boards in the loft which is frustrating.    
As a result of yesterdays work the phone line into the lounge has been disturbed and I’m surprised this morning that I can still connect to the internet.  The problem seemed to the the long length of cable running from hall although I couldn’t find any signs that the exposed parts had been damaged by yesterday’s work.  I’m going to put a 2nd line in anyway underneath the floorboards rather than running along the edge of skirting boards because it looks like it’s an intermittant problem.
At least I’ll be able to blog some under the house photos! 

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Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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