Less than 2 weeks to go!

The day after tomorrow will be December and that is the month in which our second born will be arriving.
I’m not in denial, I’ve just been too busy to be in denial.  Firstly all the house stuff, which is finally calming down, secondly a major software release at work which I finally passed off last week after 2 months of Groundhog-day style testing and re-testing and retesting then finally the small matter of changing jobs in the new year, which I’m looking forward to but it hasn’t stopped me feeling a bit guilty about deserting the small team I work amongst.  Oh yes and then there’s Christmas – but then again that will definately happen after the birth, won’t it?
Due date is 13th December which is a Wednesday and at this stage the days of the week are starting to become significant.  Maria arrived a couple of days late but from what our friends have experienced the 1st labour doesn’t give any pointers to how the second might go.  We hope that if no.2 doesn’t arrive on time it will be coaxed out just a week late, we know that births tend not to be induced at weekends and with the mother of all long weekends approaching we would hope that the 22nd might be the latest possible date.  
I have 2 weeks paternity leave booked.  Last time around it was 2 weeks on full pay, but Sage have recenlty ‘re-alligned’ the allowance to just 1 week with the option of a 2nd on statutory pay.  I’ve taken that option but was disappointed to find out that should any of the second week fall on Bank Holidays I would not be paid full pay for those day – I’d just lose them.  I didn’t expect or want days in lieu but that doesn’t seem fair so stuff ’em I’ll finish on the 9th whatever the situation, have 2 weeks paternity and I’ve already booked Christmas week off.  And I’m taking it no matter what.  My current job seems to be crisis driven and the last emergency-hotfix-that-has-to-be-tested-and-sent-out-ASAP is unlikely to be resolved before I leave but I’ll do my best to the last (the 9th) and no more.    
I assembled the cot in the nusery on Monday and Catriona has bought in everything that we’ll need but is still trying to reclaiming our loaned out newborn baby clothes.  We’ve got plenty of larger stuff but Maria was in newborn stuff for 3 months.  Her bag is packed and I plan to stock up the freezer with chilli and curry this weekend in preparation for a few easy meals.
So here’s hoping for an on time birth, if anyone has any old wives tips and tales for inducing the birth please add to our current list of fresh pineapple, raspberry leaf tea, curries and BJs (apparently!), sounds like we’re in for a fun last couple of weeks!

About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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