Back on-line!

It’s been a while since the last blog but we’ve been without broadband for almost 4 weeks.  We seemed to lose it during a thunderstorm at the end of the last month.  BT are completely clueless and I’d just love to take our trade elsewhere, but I realise that the other providers are just as bad and always end up blaming BT anyway. 
A big thanks goes out to Rob for the loan of a modem.  After BT checked our line numerous times (and sometime they even run the check whilst you are on the phone rather than having to wait 48 hours for an ‘engineer’ to do) and after fixing ‘a fault at the exchange’ we were no closer to connecting so we gave up on them and diagnosed the problem ourselves.  The lights were still flashing but no connection, physical line was okay because we could still dial up.  I think it was a power-surge during the storm.  What is infuriating about BT is the number of times they promise to phone back and then do not.  They seem to have no recollection of the previous phone calls and repeat the same futile suggestions.
So since the last blog we’ve had a week’s holiday at a cottage in South Wales, weekend in London to see Catriona’s Brother and wife, weekend at St Annes with Grandma and there has been plenty of work going on around the house.  I wanted to blog the progress on the loft conversion daily as it there are quite significant daily changes but I’ll just post a slideshow of the developments.
Current state of play on the conversion is; 5 velux windows fitted, purlins and supports removed, roof strengthened, joists laid, fire retardant insulation fitted, and floorboards were put down but only after inspection against building regulations by someone from the Council.  Boiler replaced with a combi and relocated to garage, electricians have done first their fix, staircase to loft fitted, stud walls built and today a (substitute) plaster (with assistance of 8 year old son) plastered most of the bedroom and realised there is far more than the estimated 2 days work to do. 
Foreman Dean is on holiday this week and he’s arranged for plumber to fit the bathroom suite on Friday but we won’t hold our breath as the last one who was due last Monday did not show up.  We can see that the finishing off will take a few more weeks as Dean is having to coordinate the work of a number of pepole who he does not have any direct control over. Not too much of a problem though as it gives us plenty of time to discuss colour schemes.

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Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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