First regular blog (sorry it’s a rant)

I’d already decided to commit to writing a proper daily blog before I saw this news item


Police appealing for information but the time of incident is only given as Friday ‘evening’ which could be rush-hour or 9pm.  


We shouldn’t jump to any conclusions about fault etc but my daily ride through Salford certainly requires me to keep my wits about me.  As a cycle commuter of 3 months I can feel my skin thickening as well as becoming waterproof and my usual leisure cyclist smile is slowing turning into a grimace. 


Irresponsible cyclist are just as much of a hazard around here as bad car drivers.  There is a stop at red campaign for cyclists to observe red lights which I wholeheartedly support.  The cycling community (Cycling Plus forum) have rubbished it because we should be focussing on cars that run red lights as they are much more dangerous.  These are the same voices crying out for motorist to respect us as equal road users and two wrongs don’t make a right.  As a cyclist in Salford I am in a distinct minority who stop at red lights and remain on the road.  Some cycle carefully through on red others jump onto the pavement and take the pedestrian crossing.  I shake my head and tut at both.


…. So I’m not exactly a hardcore cyclist at the moment; Whilst racing Brett to work through Salford (I usually beat his Civic Type R) I accidentally brushed an elbow against a large white van whilst squeezing between it an a car at the lights at the top of Adephi street.  I anxiously put some cars and distance between me and him in case he had misconstrued my knocking against his van as non-accidental. He passed me twice before I finally passed him and left him behind and he hadn’t noticed or taken offence at my minor indiscretion.


I don’t feel like I am risking my life when cycling but then again I always wear a helmet and yellow vest, I would never wear headphones and I definitely look both ways when crossing a traffic-lighted junction.  The helmet is a debate for another day but you definitely need it in Salford: a couple of ‘huddies’ on a moped hit me with an apple (I think, I didn’t check, but it felt like an apple) on Friday evening.  I thought about giving chase but then thought about the cyclist killed by gang of kids in Salford last year and decided against it.  I might start ‘cycling equipped’ as I can put up a legitimate argument for carrying a hammer in my pannier.  If I see them again I’ll have words, although for the rest of Friday’s journey home I was fantasising about taking a hammer to their moped in a rabid attack which would have frightened and amused them (in a John Cleese car whipping style) so much they wouldn’t have thought to retaliate.  In reality I wouldn’t have the guts to do anything.


This blog will not be a daily rant and tomorrow I’ll tell you all about our giant climbing frame! 


About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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