Ouch my legs hurt!

It’s tuesday now and my legs are still aching from the weekend.  I think there’s good reason though; on Fridays I cycle to work now as an alternative to Ja and Ali’s delightful MX5.  It’s 6 miles direct but I’ve found a better route which although longer is 75% car free (and care free) cycling.  Moving quickly through Lower Kersal and Salford (as you tend to do) I join the ship canal on the edge of Castlefield, then it’s less than 2 miles out to Salford Quays.  The photo shows probably the prettiest bit of the route (note the queuing traffic!).  Also popped out at lunchtime to Castlefield which is a bit easier on the eye.  So clocked up 20 miles on Friday.

Saturday morning I explored the Bury, Bolton & Manchester canal, most of which is filled or overgrown.  Worked back from Radcliffe to Nob End (no laughing please) where the Bury and Bolton spurs split then followed the canal back through Stoneclough where is disappears at Ringley Road.  Lovely morning, as usual said I’d be 90 minutes but was much longer, leisurely ride though and another 25 miles in the legs.

Church Garden party at St. Mary’s in the early afternoon which all 3 of us enjoyed.  The new parents thought they could pass off a bottle of unheated chilled milk on their daughter.  It was, after all, a hot day and so it could be Maria’s equivalent of an ice cream.  She didn’t object to drinking it but then a good portion of it came back.

Later that afternoon went a walk starting at Stoneclough or more precisely from the Horseshoes at Kearsley (guess why?).  I lead the wife and carried the daughter back along the stretch of the canal I’d explored earlier.  Returned to the Horseshoes to probably the best pint I’ve had in years – a Weissbier which I didn’t catch the name of.  Was it the preceeding walk, the strong summer sun in the beer garden or the pack of sweet chili Nobby’s nuts that made it taste so fine?  Probably all 3 but the beer was pure nectar.

Sunday I went patrolling National Cycle Route 6 with a couple of Sustrans colleagues, Mike and Rob.  Fantastic afternoon, loads of cyclists, Countryside Rangers were patrolling too and stopped some Motorcyclists that terrorise people along the Outwood Trail.  My role was chief photographer and snapped a varied assortment of legitimate NCR6 users and then Mike lead me out through Bury along the unsigned and proposed route 6 to Greenmount.  So that was another 35 miles (though spread over quite a few hours though).

So I make that a total of 80 miles cycling with 4 or so on foot carrying an additional 10 lb 11 oz (a good form of resistance training) – Maybe there was good reason for them to throb today and yesterday.

Enjoy the weekend’s picture,




About holmesinho

Happily married father of 2 living in Prestwich 5 miles north of Manchester, England. I cycle most days though mostly commuting and also enjoy running and triathlon.
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